In this block, you can see some of the customizations that our clients have made of the standardized cardboard displays on our website.

All cardboard exhibitors offered on the web can be customized with the graphic design provided by the customer
With the digital printing with 4 inks in the reference with the prefix PL, and with offset printing in the references with the prefix GP.

Click on the image to know more about the technical characteristics, costs and finishes of the cardboard exhibitors exhibited in this showroom.

Self-assembling, economical and simple counter display
Container box type display that allows the display to be shipped with the product. Reference PL-2458-A
Corrugated display. POS, consisting of a base and a display. The narrower front size makes it take up less space on the counter, making it easier to place it at the point of sale. GP-2822-A
Cardboard display stand. For a natural relax product. Ref PL-2991-A
Corrugated counter display for floor, for assortment of your health and personal care products. Reference PL-2469-B
Corrugated floor display, for assortment of your health and personal care products. Reference PL-1374-B
Cardboard display by counter, with 6 hooks of 10 cm Reference PL-2082-B
FloorDisplay in very resistant corrugated cardboard, with four shelves and cartouche. Ref. PL-2800-A
Cardboard display with a large display. Reference PL-2822-A customized.
Counter display with a large display and a minimum size front for maximum product vision.
Cardboard counter display for desktop with two floors. It carries a complement of transparent PVC to prevent the product from slipping.
Corrugated Floordisplay , thought for the sale of carpets, presented in roll and placed in the display vertically.
Cardboard display with four shelves. Due to its dimensions, it has a great advertising impact, it acts as a totem and at the same time it has space for exhibition and sale of product.
Stackable box case of corrugated cardboard. You can mount an island on the EU palette (80 * 120 cm)
Cardboard counter display, for the promotion and sale of "EXTRAIT CANNABIS SUISSE"
Corrugated display for desktop, with two floors. For the presentation and sale of vitamin supplements.
Cardboard presenter. Display / Presenter for the promotion of some natural enamels.
Corrugated display, for desktop, with the display insert. For the promotion of a line of natural cosmetics.
Floor Display of cardboard with hooks to hang blister.
Exhibitor of cardboard for floor with four trays.
Corrugated display printed in red. Presenter and product container.
Corrugated display printed in red. Presenter and product container.
Display of cardboard for counter, used in this case, for the presentation of square perfume bottles, and space for tester bottles.
Cardboard display for CDs. This display also serves as a sales and transportation unit. It can contain twenty CDs, two front by 10 deep.
Cardboard display Exhibitor for LED lighting articles, manufactured in 4 mm corrugated
FloorDisplay with hooks. It is a very simple exhibitor, designed for items that can be hung or in a blister pack. You can choose the model and the number of hooks, also its position.
Cardboard display for books, magazines, postcards or similar. It can be presented, new models with a maximum size of DIN A-4
Counter display. Exhibitor of cardboard for counter. Made with a 4 mm corrugated that gives it a very high resistance. It has a very broad front and inclined sides that allows a great exposure of the products.
Exhibitor of cardboard books. Customizable poster trimming.
Desktop display in cardboard. It is used in this case for the presentation of industrial articles, an accessory designed to give more stability to the tables.
Card holder customized by the NT Cutter brand for the presentation of their professional blister cutters.
Counter display. Exhibitor of cardboard. Made in 1.5 mm corrugated. It has a large display for communication in the POS point of sale. in this case, it promotes
Cardboard display counter. It is the reference PL-2822-A of our catalog, customized by one of our customers for sale in countertops.
Cardboard display with four trays. Customization of the PL-1374-D standard for sale of coffee packs.
Desk-top cardboard display, with blister hooks and a small space at the base for supplementary products.
Counter display for small perfume bottles.
Counter display in cardboard, with hooks for products packed in blister or similar.
Cardboard counter display, with two trays.
Counter display with model carton PL-2867-A
Corrugated display with floor hooks, Reference PL-2859-A
Cardboard display stand with cartouche. PL-1978-A
Customized PL-2906 cardboard display for hand cream cases with the cutout of the personalized display and also personalized holes.
Cardboard display PL-2082 with custom hooks for natural cosmetic items from the Idaro brand.
Customized cardboard display PL-1707 for "Cilong" brand eye drops
Corrugated counter display with superimposed cartouche. Exhibitor for desktop. Reference PL-1978-A
Self-assembling cardboard booklet holders, for DIN A4 brochures.

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