FAQ - Frequent questions

How do I register to Counter display?

You have the ability to make a budget in real fear, then you can access the shopping cart and register by clicking the button "Checkout". Fill out your billing address and the delivery if different, choose a username and password, and click "save."

How do I order

Orders must be made exclusively from our website www.counter-display.com. Will quotes in real time. For each order you will receive an order confirmation with a description of the order placed, and confirmation of the estimated delivery date. By default, 10 days apart from the adoption of 3D will receive.

I have lost my user name and password: what can I do?

To retrieve your user name and password, click on the button on the top right corner LOGIN > ?Forgot your password?? and enter the email address you used to register. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email containing the requested data; please make sure that this email has not ended up in your Spam folder.

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