Estarem tancats del 30 de juliol al 29 d'agost. BONES VACANCES!
Estaremos cerrados del 30 de julio al 29 de agosto. FELICES VACACIONES!
Nous serons fermés du 30 juillet au 29 août. BONNES VACANCES!
We will be closed from July 30 to August 29. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

FAQ - Frequent questions

How do I register to Counter display?

You have the ability to make a budget in real fear, then you can access the shopping cart and register by clicking the button "Checkout". Fill out your billing address and the delivery if different, choose a username and password, and click "save."

How do I order

Orders must be made exclusively from our website Will quotes in real time. For each order you will receive an order confirmation with a description of the order placed, and confirmation of the estimated delivery date. By default, 10 days apart from the adoption of 3D will receive.

I have lost my user name and password: what can I do?

To retrieve your user name and password, click on the button on the top right corner LOGIN > ?Forgot your password?? and enter the email address you used to register. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email containing the requested data; please make sure that this email has not ended up in your Spam folder.